Hello and welcome to Alexis Apartments! We love our little block of apartments just as much as our own home, which is also located here in Stavros bay. We are so close to the beach and we enjoy seeing all our guests soak up the healthy sun and sea, just as we do, and then coming back home to eat, talk, read, write, play and carry on the relaxation. One of the nicest things we enjoy is the sound of the crashing waves at night, it's very therapeutic as is everything here. Another brilliant treasure is looking up at the millions of bright vivid stars overhead at night (unpolluted by city light) just as they did in ancient times to navigate the Mediterranean. We believe these elements and many more here are the perfect recipe to unwind, and as a result ─ we know you will enjoy your stay and have some lovely memories to take home too

We are a mother and son family business who live and work in Stavros bay. 

I (Alexis) used to work in the music industry in London, England for 17 years but recently gave up that life to concentrate on running Alexis Apartments full time, as well as pursuing my dream of becoming a writer. 

My mother, Susie, is the apartments manager and oversees all the day to day running,  making sure all our guests have everything they need for a great holiday. She was born in Greece and lived much of her life in the U.K. She speaks both English and Greek and as well as being a conscientious manager, she is also a great cook, currently putting together a book of all her favourite ever recipes. Ask her which one she loves best and you’ll be there a while!

We are right at the front of Stavros bay, a mythological wonder with its majestic mountain and crystal clear waters ─ you are truly feeling the ancient Cretan way of life here. The bay has the perfect balance of being peaceful and full of health coupled alongside all the everyday modern amenities that you could want. There are 5 tavernas in the village, all with WiFi and excellent food of varying styles. We have 4 nearby bars selling alcohol for relaxation beach-side. We have 2 supermarkets just 10 minutes walk from the beach and our apartments. The beach itself is under one minute’s walk from our apartments. There is also a coach that calls 4 times a day from the beachfront and travels into central Chania and beyond for just a few euro. 

You can have the natural, clean holiday you want here; arriving very quickly from the close-by Chania airport (but very few overflying planes - we're not on a charter flight route), enjoy the peaceful countryside with all facilities, and then the main Chania town with all the tourists and clubs and sights is a short coach journey away. In our experience living here, it’s the perfect balance of life.